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Personality development -part-I



                    EMOTIONALLY BALENCED
                                      SOCIALLY WELL BEING
                                                          SPIRTUALLY GOOD


Visible in Nature                                   In visible in Nature
* Physical Appearance                                                      * Mental appearance  
* Physical structure of body                                             * Character
* The state of person                                                         *  Good manners
* Hand some personality                                                  *  Self qualities
When a person is physically fit he will also be fit mentally and physically.
DAY SCHEDULE : wake up early in morning press eye balls. (  No superstition like right – left wake) watch good photograph , white light , 
Advantages : Will be active over the day, No laziness, absorption ,understanding capacity will be more Drink 0.5 – 1 lit of normal water fresh up .Warm up. Bath. Study. Swimming ,Jogging, skipping,
Bath – Normal temperature 40-50°C
Break fast – milk compulsory
50 % food
25 % Water
25 % free
Evening : 1- ½ hour play any game whichever you wish. Take bath if you had played hard game
Night: Dinner: At 08.30 Pm .later  ¼ lit milk or curd.
Sleeping time : 09.30 Pm –3.30 Am
After lunch necessary you should have a nap. (30 min)
Bath 2 or 3 times.
SLEEPING DIRECTION:   Head north side –feet south or Head east – feet west.
No matter pillow use or not.
 HEART SHOULD BE UPWARDS. Left leg should hold right hill. +ve  +ve , -ve –ve 50 cm gap.
Should use one lemon per day in lunch or dinner.
Before starting eating taste the salt or curry that generate saliva which helps digestion. Wash hands before you eat but not wipe. Don’t sit with back support while eating. Use only fingers for eating ‘3’ or ‘5’.
Don’t talk much and avoid humorous while eating Don’t be satirical which case ill feelings. See before you drink water.
Do not comment on food.
Do not drink water repeatedly while eating take small marsels and masticate thoroughly.
Do not the wakeup the persons abruptly.
BAD HABBITS: Smoking, drinking, reading while listening to audio , chewing bubble gum , commenting food , Teasing people , critising people eating in bazaar , sleeping while listening to music , frightening ….. All these habits decrease life time.
Avoid narrating fictions or horror stories at bedtime. Clean the bedding three times before sleeping. If you are staying in interior place , these are the things should be kept nearly before going to bed.
Good and bad dreams: Good dreams recite to your friends . Bad dreams forgot, hate do not recall.
Diabetes, Blood pressure, paralysis , Heart diseases , early aging , over weight , indigestion .Do not blow on food stuff.
Do not eat fast .After having food wash hands wipe and gargle.
Do not sleep immediately after dinner .
Not use in drinking or eating in golden or silver vessels .
40 morsels of food = 1 drop of blood
16 drops of  blood  = miniature energy
Always energy must be balanced. Im balance causes unstability.
The loss of miniature energy is being covered by Internal energy in proper channel only
WATER: Flowing water (river or canal) is drinkable (well) usually there will be disorders in health after attending functions (since water is pollute) There will not be any problem with food.
Roti ,bread ,barely ,meat,milk,halwa,butter ,chicken ,honey , fish , cucumber
+ve food                                                                                 - ve food
Bread, idli,                                                                              Banana
10 % Rice + 25% Roti                                                            Mango, curd,
 + 15 curry + 25% water.                                                        Beaf /fork /mutton
Half boiled vegetables                                                                        soft drinks
Grape,orange,watermillon,fish,                                               ice crems,alcohols,swe
Honey,milk, Barely , chicken.                                                 Bakery items.
Energy need for student                     -           2200 cal
For Clerk                                             -           2500 cal
For labour                                            -           3000 cal
For executive                                      -           1800 cal
For super executive                             -           1500 cal
Calories Available in foods
Coffee (150 ml)                      -     28
Tea (150 ml)                            -      17
Egg                                          -    175
Raw onion                               -      50
Orange juice                            -     114
Jilebi ( 50 g)                            -     217
Boiled Rice (250 g)                 -     350
Chapati (50 g)                         -     180
Idli (70 g)                                -     105
Dosa (60 g)                             -     100
Chicken (100 g)                      -      155
Mutton biryani ( 200 g)           -       582
Vegetable pulav (200 g)          -       300
Samosa (40 g)                         -        200
Water melon slice                    -        100        
Cause of Diseases is because of 1. Bacteria 2. Fungus 2. Parasites 4. Virus.
Bed     -   400 cal / 6 hr
Work   - 720 cal /  8 hr
Leisure – 1000 cal /10 hr
                        Cal/Kg/15 min
Jogging       -              1.8
Cycling       -              1.5
Walking      -              0.8
Volley ball  -              0.7
Once in a week , fast
    Once in a forth night Nail cut
          Once in a month  Hair cut
               Once in Six months Stomach filter
                        Once in Year Brain filter       
Food material should be repeated only after 10 days(depends)


One of the secret of success is ability to communicate thoughts effectively. If you cannot talk well , speak freely and express your self adequately you will be seriously handicapped in going up the ladder and reaching the top. Human being alone the animal species have brought to high degree of perfection.
We know that knowledge is power.
  • Ideas rule the world.
  • Express your ideas to others and to the world in a forceful, convincing and clear manner.
  • Influence the people with thoughts , ideas, feelings, and lead.
  • All the greatest personalities are good speakers.
  • It is indispensable for every field of person to communicate in order to face world.
Communication brings every thing. Success/failure construction…..
·         Most of the scientists are punished by the Rulers just because of poor communication.
·         To become good in communication one needs Learning, training and constant practice.
·         You should be warm , friendly ,out going, sympathetic , accommodative , considerate appreciative , ready to talk and listen.
·         You should not irritate the opposite person.
·         Your talk should be purposive.
·         You can improve the power of communication by great amount of practice.
·         How….should be soft enough , should love the person to whom you want to communicate , should not hate , should not hurt , proceed in directly.
      Eg: Calling a person , Krishna one minute
To Senior   - Mohan sir
To Junior   - Ram please come here.
·                                   Be polite even if the work is opposite persons
·                                   Wish and ask his welfare.
·                                   Appreciate Give indirect suggestions with happened examples.
·                                   Always seeks one’s wishes
·                                   Be smiley and polite
·                                   Feel less during communication
·                                   Speak adequate.
·                                   Enter into opposite person heart like child,  co-passenger , ticket issue clerk , elder old man , official ,business man.
·                                   Be articulate Be conceptious.
Eg ( Petrol is there in the scooter)
·         KNOWLEDGE
·         LANGUAGE
·         SHYNESS
·         APSENY
·         FEAR

KNOWLEDGE: Why , what , how , when all these things are to be investigated and then proceed.
LANGUAGE  : Speak the language which is most convenient to you.
To improve the language one has to perform the following operations everyday.
Speaking , reading, listening and writing
SHYNESS:  because of inhibitions of the society, position ,physical situation.
FEAR: If possible let that be, if not let it be.
APSENCY : Lagging concentration , laziness.
To have through communication one need practice . Here are some excersises.
·         To communicate with child
·         To communicate with opposite sex.
·         To communicate with passenger.
·         To communicate with VIP.
·         To communicate with Industrialist.
·         To communicate with religios experts.

Excuse me sir ….. Good morning we are students of engineering. We are undergoing personality Development course . It is a part of our practical work to interview the eminent personalities. Would you please spare few minutes for us sir.

  • Sir may I/we know your functions /duties/responsibilities
  • Since how long you have been working here.
  • How do you feel with your job
  • What are your achievements
  • Do you participated in extra activities
  • How many hours you work for a day
  • Would you suggest something to us in view of society
  • Sir we are sorry to ask did you have any girlfriend in your teen age
  • How did spent your time with your girl friend
  • How was your friendship started
  • How is your girl friend now ? what is she
  • Have you been meeting your girl friend often?
  • If some body comes and asks you to donate rupees for the urgent need what do you say sir
  • Do you believe in God sir, Do you worship ?
  • For how much time a day
  • Do you smoke sir , Do you drink sir , we are sorry sir we are going deep . it is our job to interview
  • Will you please give your autograph sir.
  • How many children have you what are they
  • How did your children come up ., with their own spirit or with your guidance , or with some body’s guidance , or with some body’s guidance like teacher , neighbour, your friend
  • Do you have any life time goal .
  • What are your parents sir,
  • What is the nearest behind your success
  • What are your unforgettable things
  • NOTE : Find out the person’s weakness and ask him Sir why you are looking to be worried today . Do you have any problem Sir
Our  students are undergoing personality development course. It is their schedule to interview the eminent personalities. Please spare a few minutes and co-operate our students . We shall be greatful to you sir


Public speaking is one of the arts for success. Tremendous improvement depends on public speaking . How best we can inspire, How best you can motivate, How can solve the problem .No one is a good public speaker by birh , but one needs practice & experience.
·         Prepare well , to prepare refer different books magazine , consult the experts , discuss with your friends
·         To speak one hour at least 5 hours preparation is necessary
·         As there are different kinds of people like sopft, harsh,honest,sincere,wise you should satisfy all these kinds of people.
         Soft : Seeks plane matter with simple humorous.
         Harsh : Seeks in teasing and troubling
         Sincere : Seeks justify
         Honest : Seeks spiritual
         Wise : Seeks logical matter
·         Make the preparation different paragraphs
·         Condense into the single sentence
·         Still condense it to single words
·         Remember the words ,  practice PRE
·         You should feel that all audience who are sitting before yopu are your subordinates and they don’t know any thing
·         Be confident , feel master , (day – night)
·         Adopt the technique of memory
·         Use the language which is clearly understandable to audience , avoid technical terms
·         Give some practical current example.
·         Maintain your speech at different frequency
·         Don’t worry about audience, criticism
·         Before starting take glass of water, keep your face soft , dress smart , meditate for ten minutes , then recall
·         Greet every body with warm welcome
·         Finally conclude you theme and express your sincere thanks in a polite manner
·         Overcome inferiority complex
·         Build self confidence
·         Improve communication
·         Leading the group
·         Changes your life
·         The chief cause of public speaking is stage fear it is simple that you are un accustomed to speak in public
·         If you cant remember anything be serious and try to recollect
·         Dies reel a poor spokes man.
·         Speech should be audible and articulate
·         Collect the statistics
·         Dramatize your talk by using dialogue
·         Choose the subject which you are most similar
·         Be asking questions to audience
·         Give the examples of your incidents
·         Begin in a friendly way
·         Should develop the rapport with audience

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